Everything around livestock transport under one roof

Livanta mediates and arranges a lorry or trailer with driver for you. We also take care of everything involved with the transport, from the necessary paperwork and bills of lading to permits and insurance. Moreover, we also attempt to arrange a matching cargo out or back, so that a lorry or trailer does not need to take to the road empty. We know the country-specific rules and we know exactly how to act promptly and safely. Professionally, efficiently and for a competitive price.

The equipment: modern and safe

For the regular transport of for example pigs, piglets, goats or lambs we hire modern equipped lorries. These comply with the latest European rules and regulations. They are also all fitted with an automatic drinking system, mechanical ventilation, GPS tracking system, temperature registration and control and type approval 2 for long-distance transportation (a journey time of more than eight hours). These lorries can be loaded optionally at two levels (cattle), three levels (pigs for slaughter, sheep and goats), or four or five levels (piglets and lambs). We also have a large network of, among others, livestock farmers and hauliers, so that in many cases, we are able to combine cargoes and so keep the prices low.

Which animals may we transport for you? Look in our transport planner below for the possibilities, or contact us directly!