Animals of all sizes moved responsibly

Our experienced professionals know exactly what it takes to transport animals of all sizes safely and quickly. We know the international rules and regulations and adhere to them. You can confidently leave everything that is involved in the transport to us. From the necessary paperwork, bills of lading and permits to the insurance and the transport itself. So you will not encounter any unpleasant surprises.

Customised transport

We adapt the transport exactly to the size and needs of the animal. We provide a suitable, disinfected and certified means of transport and a certified haulier. Of course, we make a smart and as efficient as possible planning to minimise stress to the animal. We work meticulously, responsibly, safely and always with love for the animal. We also attempt to arrange a cargo out or back, so that a lorry or trailer does not need to take to the road empty. We also have a large network of, among others, livestock farmers and hauliers, so that in many cases, we are able to combine cargoes and so keep the prices low.

Do you want to have wild animals or animals with a different size transported by us? Feel free to contact us free of any obligations for the possibilities and an attractive price.